Web Services

WJ Web Services offers a variety of online services including designing and developing bespoke intuitive websites, documents, hosting web services, managing security, domain names, supporting and managing existing websites and maintaining high levels of security.

Design & Development

The process of designing a website begins with the client. Each design is tailored to the individual needs of the website and business. To make sure it's responsive and compatible with all sized screens (phones, tablets, laptops), I use Bootstrap, which ensures consistency and best practise across all websites I develop.

Once the overall design of the site has been decided, the programming can begin - HTML, CSS and JS combine to create a smooth, modern and elegant website that's extremely fast and easy to manage. Custom modules such as galleries, Google Maps integration, contact forms and many more can also be included. If you would like to find out more, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact page or email!


WJ Web Services provides the option to host new or existing websites on either Windows based systems or Linux. Additionally, I can provide SSL (encryption) which is a modern day necessity to not only rank on search engines like Google, but provide customers and users with a secure connection. The servers are extremely fast and fibre broadband means there's no delays in accessing your website! If you're interested, please contact me via email.


Whilst you're running your business and dealing with the important things, I can save the burden and edit your website myself; there are a number of maintenance/support packages I can offer depending on how often the website will need updating. I am able to manage any websites developed by me and hosted by me, allowing me to maintain the structure of the website and ensure it doesn't become cluttered or slow, saving you time and saving your customers time in the future. If you would like to find out more specific details or receive a quote, please contact me via email.


Security is always the number 1 priority in the IT industry, and that's why I ensure all websites developed and hosted by me use SSL and HTTPS (secure and encrypted) meaning any visitors to the website cannot be intercepted and have any data stolen. Additionally, I use Cloudflare to anonymise the IP address of any websites I host, and this protects them from being spammed and attacked, meaning your website stays online 24/7!


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is crucial for your website to visitors, and it is important to carefully curate best-in-class website structures, logical webpage names, fast speeds and mobile compatibility. All these factors combine and allow search engines like Google to rank your website - the better it is, the higher it will rank!


Along with any of the services listed above, there can be additional options I can provide on a case by case basis, so if you would like any online based services not listed above, please contact me via email or the contact page.